Where R They Now? S-Z
Bernie Schafer - Production Control Supervisor, swithced to Funds HelpDesk for a few years. Now with BHC's HelpDesk.

Vic Sciaudone - Production Control Manager, married, moved to PGH. Now with First Union in NC. Manages Production Services for Wachovia.

Mark Schrager - DASD and Transmission support. Moved to Pittsburgh and joined Mellon Bank.

Bruce Seidel - Production Control Manager, now working at Bellevue in Delaware.

Richard Spina - Production Control, worked in PGH as Assistant Supervisor of the data center's night shift. Now has two kids. Moved to FirstUnion in NC. Now works in Operations for Wachovia.

Wally Stafford - ATM in Prov. I am alive and kickin' ( but not too high ) in central Pa.

Ralph Steele - Production Control, Helpdesk, now with SEI as Support Center Analyst.

Roy Simeone - Was hired at Provident in 1960 and retired from PNC in 1999.He managed and supervised in the computer center and was Provident's first computer room operator. He later supervised and managed the room until the merger with JCI . With the JCI merger he was responsible for production control.In the mid 70's Roy worked in Master Card and Lock Box.In 1980 he began his career in Wire Transfer with additional management responsibilities over ACH and Fed Funds.

Ed Subers - Production Control, moved to the Franklin Mint as a programmer. Ed graduated from Drexel University and got his MBA from St. Joe's. He is now a leading expert in ERP. Ed is now married and has a daughter. As of 09/16/2005, Ed has three kids, works for IBM (formerly Price Waterhouse Consulting).

Rick Swan - Information Center technician, now working for a Center City law firm as a LAN Analyst. Resides in South Jersey.

Steve Szcepkowski - Data Security Officer, now working at PNC at the Airport Business Center. Resides in Northeast Philadelphia.

Drew Thoensen - Went to a Bank in Birmingham Alabama - Compass Bank Until 1997. currently with Union Bank of California in San Diego, CA - Enjoying my job as a WEB Analyst for commercial Bank applications.

Chip Thomas - Tech Support, VTAM, RLINK, network. Moved to PGH, moved back. Now with folks at ABC. (cthomas@pncamg.com)

Dan Tumolo - Currently manager of Output Services in Philadelphia. Lives in South Jersey. Still in building 98 after all these years.

Walt Unterbrink - Production Control Specialist, moved to PGH in early 90's. Was Data Center Shift Supervisor. Now in Storage Mgmt. (wunterb@pgh.net)

Angelo Valletta - MITS, LAN support. Moved to MBNA, then to US Health, then back to the "Bank" as manager of LAN support. He left the bank recently.

Laura Weaver (now Silver) - Worked with Telecomm on the Voice side. Married and left the company to raise her daughter. Had a baby BOY 12/16/98!

Steve Whelan - Production Control, worked at PMA in the Imaging Group. Moved to Prudential Insurance as Associate Manager of the Production Coordination area. Now with Vanguard as Project Lead for Y2K Time Dimensional Testing. Also provides consulting services for PMA for disaster recovery tests.

Jack Weyant - Production Control supervisor, now with PMA as Storage Administrator. Also does Disaster Recovery and Production Control functions. .

Charles Wolfe - Left the company a long time ago but we still get a kick talking about his adventures. He lives in Huntingdon Valley.

Joe Wonderlin - Console Operator, now working for Corestates' HelpDesk.

Flora "Nikki" Zanfrisco - Console Operator, now working for SEI in the Tech Support Department in Devon, PA.

Jay Zavorski - Hardware Specialist. Moved to BHC and is now the Network Systems Support Manager. Resides in South Philadelphia.


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