Where R They Now? M-R
Tom McLaughlin - Data Center Manager, moved to Pittsburgh in early 90's. Created the Transmission Automation Group in PGH. Moved back to Philadelphia & joined US Health. Moved to Corestates. Now manager of all IT Transmissions at Wachovia. Lives in Del-Co with MJ & 2 daughters. Graduated with a Masters in Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. SVP with Wachovia in charge of Data Transmission Services.

Joan Mears - Telecomm, now with MITS working on servers and providing technical support for LAN, WAN and network services.

Tom Mennine - Telecomm, now working for Peat Marwick as a consultant.
Rich Morgan - still working for PFPC (18 1/2 years) and in Delaware........I still work with the folks in Eastwick (Tom Devine, etc)...

Janet Moyer - Tech Support, Systems & Performance. Now working as a consultant.

Bob Mullin - Production Control, now with CIGNA.

Evelyn Negron (now Lopez) - Production Control, currently working at PMA as Helpdesk Supervisor, recently celebrated 5 year anniversary at PMA. Has a son, Joshua. Married to Jose Lopez.

Tom Pacini - Production Control, moved to Pittsburgh and worked in the Command Center at the Summit. Moved back in 1996, & joined SEI corporation. Married and now has a daughter.

Dick Paetzold - Network Design, currently with MITS in Philadelphia.

Gabe Patay - Was Tech Support Manager, group VP. Worked with Funds at ABC. Working now at Fiserv Securities in Philadelphia as Contractor (Senior Project Manager) on new brokerage system ...

Carlo Profico - Manager of Helpdesk, transferred to Customer Outreach. Now working out of the Bellevue site in Delaware. Resides in South Jersey. (cmp1230@aol.com)

Erick Pullian - Production Control, Imaging Systems. Left the bank and went to medical school. Now working in the Operating Room of a major hospital (don't know the name, ran into him on a golf course). Lives in Montgomery County.

Susan Ribyat-Johnson - Tech Support. Worked with Allegheny Health Education Research something. Easily known as AHERF, the one in the news. Sue moved to FISERV in 1998.

Jim Robbins - Moved to Pittsburgh in early 90's, worked in Automation Support and switched to DASD Management. Currently working at Computer Associates Inc. as level II support for Astex, PMO and QuickFetch products. Had a beautiful baby girl in July of 1998!

Walt Rzucidlo - Network design, now works for Sungard Financial Services.


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