Where R They Now? G-M

Jeff Garner - DASD Management, was at Towers Perrin working with Automated Scheduling.

Pat Garris - Console Operator, left the bank, latest status unknown.

Bill Giffear - Tandem, now manager of the data center at BHC, now known as FiServ.

John Gravel - Network design, now working for Bell Atlantic as a Systems Consultant.

Mike Haas - Quality Assurance, moved to Pittsburgh, now working with CA7 Production group.

Marshall Hill - ATM Operations. Married Marcia Knowles in 1995. Now living in Springfield, PA. As of 2006, Marshall was known to work as a Septa Regional Rail engineer on the R2. You might catch him at the Market East Station around 5:18pm.

Jacqui Hodge - Data Security. Got married to a rich guy in the early 1990s and we haven't heard from her since. Per Ed Subers (09/16/2005), “I saw Hodge about 9 years ago. She had a baby girl and she lives in Chesterbrooke. Haven’t seen her since.”

Jim Isbill - Systems Technical Support, handled JES2. Operation's favorite Tech Support person. Our "go-to" guy for weekend help with system problems. Switched to applications programming, now with Funds group at Airport Business Center.

Ben Johnson - Production Control Supervisor. Moved through various positions, currently working for the School District of Philadelphia. Resides in South Philadelphia.

Howard Lambert - Operations manager. 1974-1985 alumni

Beth Logan - Network. Now works for Wachovia Network.
Charlie Logan - Long time VTAM tech support. Switched to Smithkline.

Lori Long - Production Control Supervisor, moved to Pittsburgh, married in 1995 to Mr. Fowkes. Managed of the Transmission Automation Group as of 1999. Left the bank.

Tony Maiuri - Manager of Operations, moved to PGH. Moved back and managed the Corestates Data Center. Moved to North Carolina to manage Operations in First Union in 1998. Now in the Philadelphia region.

Steve Matthews - CICS, Supertracs, NDM Technical Support. Moved to Penn Mutual in 1991.

Mark Mawby - ATM Operations, moved to the banking side and was a key person in the ATM group in the bank, working in the management group. Mark was responsible for all ATMs in the Philadelphia region. Mark is also a licensed pilot and is now flying solo. Lives in Montgomery County.
(mawby@voicenet.com). Mark left the bank.


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