Where R They Now? A-G

Noel Abejo - Data Center Supervisor, Data Transmissions, Info Tech Specialist II. Went to Towers Perrin as E-Commerce Specialist from 1997 to May of 2000. Reunited with Tommcl at FUNB as IT Leader II as of May 22, 2000. Married, two daughters. Graduated from La Salle University with a Masters in Computer Science. Now in charge of Problem Management/Extranet Projects and Certificate Based Protocols in Wachovia. (abejon1@lasalle.edu)

Joe Aurite - Production Control, worked for AON as a LAN/WAN analyst. Now LAN Analyst for a Center City law firm. Lived in South Philly and moved to Bucks County.

Bruce Blase - Lead programmer analyst in Trust/Mutual Funds system, now at Vanguard.

Ken Blood - Perkin Elmer Systems manager, now in Purchasing.

Nick Brown - Production Control Supervisor, Imaging Systems. Lives in Pittsburgh.

Saundra Brown - Production Control, Helpdesk. Married, has a son. Living in Northeast Philly. Works at Rohm & Haas' Helpdesk.

Gail Buchanan - Worked in QA. She works at FISERV now.

Mary Jane Chavez - Former Production Control Specialist, moved into programming. Graduated from Rowen College (formerly known as Glassboro State College) with a BS in Computer Science. Joined Towers & Perrin, and married Darren Yap in 1996. Moved to San Franciso, now working for Levis as a Systems Programmer Analyst. Now has a son!

Peter Cherpack - Former Manager in the PFPC group & MGR of PHL MITS. Now at CoreTech as a Management Consultant. Left the "bank" July 1998 after 18 years of service.

Francis Coelho - ROSCOE tech support, Data Security manager, now working for Smithkline.

Cindy Dankanis - Moved to PGH, moved back to PHL. Report specialist. Left the company in 1997 to finish college at Drexel University.

Lou DiPinto - Production Control Supervisor, Manager. Now in programming.

John Dunn - ATM Console Operator, rumored to be a State Trooper. Look out!

Mike Ellenbogen - Manager of Network. Managed Network under the MITS group in PHL. Handled data side of telecomm. Resides in Bucks County PA.

Al Eschert - Worked in ATM Operations. Moved to programming. Joined Corestates December 1996 as Applications Programmer. Now at Independence Blue Cross as a Sr. Systems Analyst.

George Faulkner - Currently at BlackRock Financial Management an investment company 63% owned by PNC. Transferred with PIMC into BlackRock from the Funds Group in 1997

Glenn Flemming - Telecomm Manager, Hardware, Design, moved to Pittsburgh in 1995.

Tom Florio - Funds Manager, retired and worked in Atlantic City casinos. Now working as a consultant for Funds.

George Gantz - Telecomm Hardware connections, moved to the Airport Business Center. Retired 02/20/97.


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