Prov History

"The Quaker Bank"

Provident National's origins stem from the mid-nineteenth century. One of its predecessor institutions, the Tradesmens Bank, was created in 1847; the other, the Provident Life and Trust Company, was established in 1865 by Quakers as an insurance company. Its charter authorized it to insure lives and conduct traditional trust business. In cashing the checks issued to trust beneficiaries, the Provident Life and Trust Company entered the world of banking. The company used the motto, "Organized and Managed by Friends," and became known informally as "the Quaker bank," an identity that remained with it for many decades into the twentieth century.

In 1922 the company split into two independent ones - Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company and Provident Trust Company. The trust company settled on the idea of using artist Jean Francois Millet's "Sower" to symbolize the long-term benefits of prudent investment.

Provident National grew with their communities and through acquisitions in the first half of the twentieth century. Several mergers in post-World War II era were pivotal for each. In 1957, Provident Trust Company of Philadelphia and Provident Tradesmens Bank and Trust Company merged, creating Provident National Bank. The bank continued to use the name Provident Tradesmens Bank and Trust Company and to use Millet's "Sower" as its symbol until 1964.

Although The Provident is relegated to our memory, The Provident that we knew will always be "Organized and Managed by Friends."


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